Exhibition "Expulsions of Eve" by Ieva Martinaitytė-Mediodia in Klaipėda

Ieva Martinaitytė-Mediodia's exhibition "Expulsions of Eve" presents her works created between Vilnius and New York. The most comprehensive exhibition of Ieva's oeuvre in Lithuania will include works from the Lewben Art Foundation and MO collections and the latest paintings.

Ieva Martinaitytė-Mediodia. Plasmatic Detritus, 2004. Collection of the Lewben Art Foundation.

Her works reveal changes in the author's worldview, from the mythological (Eve's expulsion from Paradise) to the cosmological one, with plasmatic detritus and black holes. The emphasis is on neo-futuristic, rather than retrospective view.


Curator – Laima Kreivytė

Partner – Lewben Art Foundation


Expulsions of Eve
KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipeda)
2020 01 24–02 23

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