New project "Coffee with Monika & Art" together with ""

Increasingly adapting to the changing conditions of everyday life and finding ways to not only work but also relax at home, the "Lewben Art Foundation" offers a plunge into exploring artworks from the "Lewben Art Foundation's" collection.

Menininko Petrit Halilaj studija
Artist Petrit Halilaj's studio

The project "Coffee with Monika & Art", organised together with, presents works of international contemporary artists and interpretations by writer and curator Monika Kalinauskaitė. These short stories will introduce you to well-known artists of the international contemporary art scene and show you a unique but not the only possible way to see a work of art.

So we invite you to take a cup of coffee and immerse yourself in the acquaintance with the work of art together with Monika!

Project dedicated to Lithuanian artists living and working abroad – K. Zapkus "Lewben Art Challenge" for the colleagues
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