The Lewben Art Foundation changed its name to Noewe Foundation

Together with the new company "Noewe", the Lewben Art Foundation is undergoing a change and will be renamed the Noewe Foundation.

Noewe Foundation SM Logo 3

The integrated business services company Lewben, the management consultancy Strategy Labs, and the law firm Primus, have created a new market player, Noewe. This new entity, together with Nordgain, the group’s financial accounting services company, will become one of the largest professional service providers in the Lithuanian market today.

Lewben is a well-known patron and nurturer of art, and the Lewben Art Foundation is administrating a representative collection of the 20th century Lithuanian modernism to Lithuanian and international contemporary art. The foundation will be renamed the Noewe Foundation.


More information is available here.

“Noewe” festive evening at “D9 Artsy Office” Best Office Interior Award for "D9 Artsy Office"
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