New artwork in the collection – Kazimieras Brazdžiūnas' canvas "Parallax"

The Noewe Foundation has acquired Kazimieras Brazdžiūnas' (b. 1991) work "Parallax" (2023) for its collection. This is the fifth piece by the young-generation painter in the collection.

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Kazimieras Brazdžiūnas. Parallax, 2023 (aerosol spray on canvas, 180 x 225 cm). Collection of the Noewe Foundation

Kazimieras Brazdžiūnas (b. 1991) is a young-generation painter who completed his master's degree in painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2018. Since 2016, he has participated in group exhibitions and held solo exhibitions. His work has been featured at the international contemporary art fair "ArtVilnius" and other contemporary art projects. In 2021, he won a special prize at the "Young Painter Prize" competition. In 2018, he founded the young painting platform "Kontr-argumentas," he also curates contemporary painting exhibitions, and publishes art criticism articles in cultural press.

Photoreportage from the opening of the exhibition "Phenomenon" in Seoul, South Korea Aurelija Bulaukaitė and Kichang Choi's exhibition "Phenomenon" in Seoul, South Korea
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