New artworks in the collection – Bernard Steffin's photographs

The Noewe Foundation has expanded its collection with nine photographs by the artist Bernard Steffin, created during a ten-year-long, unplanned photographer's journey around the world.

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Bernard Steffin. Chihuahua Pacifico, San Juanito. From series "Mexico", 2014. Collection of the Noewe Foundation

Bernard Steffin, is a German-born photographer now based in Paris, France. Artist studied at l'école des Gobelins in the late 90s. After finishing his education, Steffin commenced his work in the world of fashion, where he assumed the roles of studio and location assistant for a diverse array of fashion, beauty, art, and celebrity photographers. Simultaneously, his freelance endeavours encompassed a wide spectrum of projects, including catalogues, trend books, location scouting, castings, and photo production. His artistic work has recently garnered international acclaim with exhibitions in Mexico City, Athens, Paris, and the United States.

Bernard Steffin's body of work is a visual narrative of a spontaneous and unplanned 10-year journey across diverse landscapes and cultures. From the rustic fields of agriculture and the lives of farmers in Greece to the vibrant scenes of cafes and mescal in Mexico, his lens captures the essence of motorsport, mechanics, craftsmen, artists, poets, and sports like sumo, Lucha, rodeo, and boxing. His street photography transcends geographical boundaries, offering a poignant glimpse into the human experience in various corners of the world.


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