Exhibition „Guten Morgen Europa!” in Rotterdam

On 17th April at 6 pm the exhibition ‘’Guten Morgen Europa!’’ in "A Tale of a Tub" in Rotterdam will be opened. The exhibition aims to draw attention to the shifting idea of European unity as well as broader history in the light of contemporary political affairs. It is a great pleasure to announce that among the works by international artists, ‘’Guten Morgen Europa!’’ comprises the painting "The Monsters Inside" of Patrizio Di Massimo that was recently acquired by the Lewben Art Foundation.

A Tale of a Tub 17 04 20190036
Installation shot at "A Tale of a Tub". Photo by LNDWstudio

Through painting and sculpture, "Guten Morgen, Europa!" questions the appropriation and domestication of world conflicts and a global identity. The multi-layered nature of world history, art history and social history can be seen in the work of Jannis Marwitz, Patrizio di Massimo and Anna Bella Geiger. They each in their own way seem to touch upon an accumulation of meanings that imply a political commentary, a reproach (or reference?) without ever dogmatically digging in their heels.

The examination of history seems an essential way of dealing with the scaling up of conflicts in our time. "Guten Morgen, Europa!" exposes new political layers–accumulated by thought and straight away physically laid bare by the artist hands. The exhibition takes at its starting point the contemporary appropriation of a classical myth of the creation of Europe to portray a strong European Union: Europe as a world power. It was a time of optimism and of firm faith in the European success story, before the introduction of the euro, a time when the tensions shaking the EU were still a distant prospect.


Organiser – A Tale of a Tub

Curator – David Jablonowski


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Guten Morgen, Europa!
A Tale of a Tub (Justus van Effenstraat 44, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
2019 04 17–06 23

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