Trip to San Francisco International Arts Festival

In May this year, the director of the Lewben Art Foundation, Ugnė Bužinskaitė, participated in San Francisco’s art festival “San Francisco International Arts Festival” which has been taking place in the art world since 2003. Every year the curatorial programme of the festival concentrates towards showcasing of the local San Francisco artists, as well as combining it with artists that come from other US cities and international artists who haven’t yet been introduced to the US art scene. This festival focuses on performance art, thus inviting performance artists from all over the world.

FortMason Photo BruceDamonte 02

“It has been a great opportunity to not only experience the programme of the festival, but also get acquainted with the contemporary art scene of San Francisco”, says U. Bužinskaitė. During the trip connections have been made with various contemporary art galleries, an experimental art space “The Lab”, a museum and foundation “500 Capp Street Foundation”.

The traineeship was partly financed by Lithuanian council of culture.

New artwork in the collection – diptych by Arjan Martins Photoreportage from the exhibition "Our Selfie"
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