The sculpture "Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)" by Antanas Gerlikas has landed in Nida

Despite signs of extraterrestrial origin, the sculpture was created by the artist Antanas Gerlikas, who has already "landed" a couple of these spacecraft in Vilnius and his native Plunge. In 2023, this work by Antanas Gerlikas was acquired by the Noewe Foundation and installed in Nida for the summer season, in the courtyard of "Sofa de Pancho Nida" restaurant.

IMG 6124
Antanas Gerlikas. Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), 2022. (320 x 54 cm, fibro concrete). Collection of the Noewe Foundation

There's no visible hatch through which aliens could emerge. There are no windows, antennas, or sham surface details – repeating geometric forms imitating the technological complexity familiar from science fiction movies. The mysterious unidentified object's surface is smooth, reminiscent of basalt, as if testifying to an ancient encounter with aliens or as if it was crafted by extraterrestrial beings from star rock. Its presence signifies the arrival of the foreign, yet it is undoubtedly recognizable, reminiscent of a vision of the future or at least once held conception of a possible future.

The "Golden Palette 2023" award for best office interior was presented to "D9 Artsy Office" "D9 Artsy Office" in the open architecture weekend "Open House Vilnius"
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