Vladas Suncovas' sculptures are on display in front of the iconic St. Anne's Church

During the autumn season, Vladas Suncovas' artwork titled "Nardinai" can be admired in the square adjacent to St. Anna's Church, situated near the newly established Lewben Art Foundation at Bernardinai St. 6 in Vilnius.

22Nardinai22 Photo Kotryna Misiune 4

This work was presented for the first time last year when the Lewben Art Foundation organized the exhibition "Parallel Projections" (curated by Aušra Trakšelytė) and presented the site-specific artworks in the spaces of the future art centre. The artworks of the three artists – Vladas Suncovas, Tomas Daukša and Linas Kutavičius – invited to interpret the different spaces surrounding the old building and to look for a relationship through the history of the building or the area.

Suncovas’ topographical work "Nardinai" combines architectural systems and archaeological research. The height of the modular work is equal to the earliest pavement layer measured from the current Bernardinai street tiles, while the harmonious upper plasticity of the object echoes the tile roofing and structures of the surrounding buildings.

"D9 Artsy Office“ in the latest paper issue of "Lamų Slėnis" magazine Katja Novitskova's exhibition "Eyes of the World" at the Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen, Germany
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