A part of the historic building in Vilnius will be revived: renovation is beginning, after which the private contemporary art museum of the Lewben Art Foundation will open

Renovation is beginning of the historic building located on Bernardinų Street in Vilnius Old Town – the plan is to open the Lewben Art Foundation contemporary art center here next year. In preparation for the renovation, historical, architectural, and polychrome studies have been conducted over the past two years, revealing the building's history dating back to the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The private museum dedicated to Lithuanian and international contemporary art will be open to the public and will invite them to become acquainted with the works of the most renowned artists. It will host educational programs and give voice to the younger artists' generation. The architects of the project are "IMPLMNT".

Lewben Art Foundation busimas muziejus Leono Garbacausko nuotr.7
Bernardinai St. 6, Vilnius, Lithuania (photo by Leonas Garbačauskas)
Katja Novitskova's exhibition "Eyes of the World" at the Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen, Germany In our collection – "Bush’s Dream" by Zbigniew Libera
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